May 10, 2003


Friends of Frogs Almost 800 toads, frogs and newts have been saved from being squashed by traffic in Bath. Go Toads!

Bloom times in the Southern Mountains here, and here.

Links to the World of Photography: Education and Appreciation, from Soulcatcher... the work of Eric J. Keller.

Name That Tune (I had to Google. I lose)

Some rich men came and raped the land, Nobody caught 'em Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus, people bought 'em And they called it paradise The place to be They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea
Posted by fred1st at May 10, 2003 02:08 PM | TrackBack

That's easy (I think). I believe the song was called "The Last Resort", and the version I remember was done by The Eagles.

Posted by: ronbailey at May 10, 2003 05:20 PM

Gees, yer comments. *G* I posted the entire lyrics for "The Last Resort" as a ironic comment to "Now Showing: Sunset and Clouds".

Ron's correct "The Last Resort" was the closing track on "Hotel California", The Eagles, 1976.

Posted by: feste at May 12, 2003 12:34 PM

"Whorled Loostrife" sounds like a Victorian floozy...or mebbe one of those painted wimmin who toured the wild west quoting poetry in fanicful diaphanous costumes.

Posted by: feste at May 13, 2003 12:57 PM

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