May 05, 2003


I think I'm falling into a pattern here with the weblog week. Unlike many bloggers, I do usually post a half dozen or so entries over the weekend (I can't help myself). Visit records suggest not many people read blogs (at least not mine) over weekends. So, on Monday mornings, won't most Fragments readers already find new entries to read from Saturday and Sunday, added here when they were pursuing a life apart from the blogosphere (rumour has it there is one)? Sure. So don't load too much to the blog on Monday mornings, give folks a chance to catch up. Kick back and have some hot chocolate, browse your blogroll and maybe add a post Monday afternoon, sez Fred.

Well, maybe just this one post:

Design in Nature

I see it every day and it gives me great joy! But getting stunning photographs of it is another matter. But this man did it. Do take a look.

...Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) was a German instructor of sculpture who used his remarkable photographs of plant studies to educate his students about design in nature. Self-taught in photography, he devoted himself to the study of nature, photographing nothing but plants for thirty-five years.

...His photographs were taken using either a vertical or horizontal perspective and could be magnified up to twenty-seven times their actual size, revealing extraordinary details within the natural structure of the plants. In the process he created some of the most innovative photographic work of his time; the simple yet expressive forms captured on film affirmed his boundless artistic and intellectual ability.

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I'm pleased to know that you enjoyed my exhibition of Blossfeldt photographs enough to link to it. Thanks very much!

Posted by: Eric J. Keller at May 10, 2003 12:57 PM

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