May 03, 2003

At Auction

The following excerpt is from a poem, entitled Small Farms Disappearing in Tennessee, by Jim Wayne Miller, the late Poet Laureate of Kentucky

...Divers searching for a stolen car On the Floor of an Army Corps of Engineers Impoundment, discovered a roadbed, a silo, a watering Trough, and the foundations of a dairy barn. Efforts to raise the farm proved unsuccessful. A number of small Tennessee farms were traced To a land developers safe deposit box In a mid-state bank after a bank official Entered the vault to investigate roosters Crowing and cows bawling inside the box...

Some rather lengthy thoughts along these lines soon to come. And possibly a dual blog on the topic with a fellow 'blogger about place'. Stay tuned.

Also running in this same neural pathway are thoughts about the consequences of our growing ignorance and superficiality when it comes to understanding not only the culture of humans but of animals and ecosystems as well.

In a Guardian Article called Nature's Voyeurs , Richard Mabey expresses his concern that "shallow wildlife documentaries and sentimental nature writing reflect a growing malaise... Unless we radically transform our attitude to other species, we face a dismal future."

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