April 30, 2003

Journal ~ Tuesday 29 April 2003

It's official. It has now passed from early to mid-spring: the pasture grass is up over the top of my rubber barn boots (almost knee high); the blue violets are almost hidden by the rangier ground coverings; Mayapple is tall enough to shade a rabbit and has blooms; and the AT is about to get its first cutting.

Image copyright Fred FirstNot that AT... not the one that starts in north Georgia. This AT starts at the barn, goes up the valley along the "New Road", and back around the outside perimeter of the pasture, forking to come back to the barn or branching off across the creek (where the March floods carried off my hewn pinetree bridge) to follow the 'meadow'. Then there are lesser branches of it on the house side of the creek. Volunteers are being sought to begin this year's work on the Annie Trail, push-mowed to a total of almost 3/4 mile.

This morning, walking in the knee high dew-wet grass where the AT will soon appear, we heard the first wood thrush song, echoing between our ridges; tonight there were two of them, and just now, Ann called me to the back door. Listen: in the distance, up back where the blackberries grow... the first whippoorwill. What a haunting, melancholy sound.

At last the days have been warm enough so that I am startled now and then by the smell of spring... not any particular and definable smell but rather a kind of teaball steeping of winter's gray dregs with green things and warm dark earth, mosses and pollen. Aromatherapy. What the doctor ordered. Or would, if he only knew what I really needed for good health.

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Posted by: bogie at April 30, 2003 07:11 AM

Well put, well put. Here in south central Kansas, I see the teeny tiny violets peeking out at the world from down among the grasses, and (in the evening) hear the gentle call of the common poorwill. (I'm jealous of your whip-poor-will. It's been a few years.) We're a bit further along into spring, here, the redbuds having come and gone as have the fruit tree blossomings. The strawberries are just starting to set on. White lilacs, choke cherries, and the bush plums have bloomed and faded and the blue lilacs are assessing the damage to their blooms from a late freeze (late for us--about 10 days ago). I have high hopes for some blue lilac bloomings. One of the crepe myrtles is even showing signs of revival (they are an iffy plant this far north). Breathe in that aromatherapy. Soon enough it will be replaced by the dry dust of summer.

Posted by: Cop Car at April 30, 2003 07:23 AM

i mowed my place in alum ridge for the first time this year this past weekend. sure was nice looking when i finished it too. i sat watching the stream for quite a while too because the spring rains washed the dirt off the bedrock it sits on. spring in floyd county is very pretty!

Posted by: bud at April 30, 2003 08:45 AM

Fred, you always take the most lovely pictures!

Posted by: Venomous Kate at April 30, 2003 09:40 PM

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