April 28, 2003


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We visited a neighbor's mountaintop land recently, admiring their views to north and south. North, there is an unbroken series of ridges, woods, and sky... no sign of man's presence, the illusion of wilderness. To the south, snippets of rolling green pasture form a patchwork with slips of forest, and you can seen an occasional silo or barn adding an angular element to nature's softer shapes. It surprised me that I found a certain comfort being able to see 'man in the landscape' versus 'nature and she alone'.

In the same way, this old rocky remnant of a once-inhabited and useful farm building ... a small grain barn? a tiny cabin? down our valley is not a blemish but a comfort and a daily life lesson for us. These stones from the creek, moved in place with great effort and thought and hope of future harvest, remind us of how this very land under our feet has sustained and supported, challenged and delighted people long before we were born. It lies mute and still now under trees growing from its midst, a humbling lesson of our impermanence in this place, a gentle reminder that some day, others will walk here and wonder what our lives were like, what we planned and hoped and dreamed as we walked quietly along the creek by what then remains of the old rock barn.

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Life unfolding... enjoyed this mornings read and, missed coming here these last couple of days for my daily! Back to normal I hope, this week.

Oh, and loved the science entry... turkey guts to oil... hmmm! Hope it's for real.

Posted by: Alexandra at April 28, 2003 11:29 AM

Fred, Thanks for the beautiful description. I have been unable to capture in pictures what you have written. I would love it if you would try with your camera. I hope this year goes by fast. I already miss being there.

Posted by: Liska at April 28, 2003 11:52 AM

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