April 24, 2003

Where the Women Are Strong

... and all the men are good looking, and...

Well, I'd say for my part of the program, I came off more like Garrison Keillor, but him after chasing a coupla trucker pills with a Jolt Cola. We had to squeeze three groups into the space normally occupied by two, so it was 128 rpm out of the starting block. I think I sounded a bit like Alvin the Chipmunk. In my introduction to our group topic, I had planned to read a nice segment from a poem about the disappearance of farms in Tennessee as a seque into our individual papers; but we were so short of time I segued through the segue and hurried through my slides so fast I'm afraid that several in the audience needed to be treated for whiplash. (Here's my card. I know a good physical therapist but he's not cheap!)

Actually, all seriousness aside, it went very well. My group (myself and two others) spoke generally on the topic "Touring Culture: What's for Sale?", with my paper on Cultural Tourism in Floyd County, D's on EcoTourism and the Pine Mountain Trail in Kentucky; and N's study of the Smokies, Tourism and the Hillbilly Image (not her actual title). The prof asked our group to stay after class. She wants us to plan to present our papers at the Appalachian Studies Association convention next year; and wants me to pursue additional work on my paper with the possible opportunity to publish it in one of several places. We'll see what happens.

Now. Let's go cut the grass... A FREE MAN accompanied by his FREE sidekick, Buster. Life is (occasionally and inexplicably) good.

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Now see??? All that frettin' for nothin'!
Good job :) Glad to hear it went well. And don't forget to bundle up when you head outside to mow lol

Posted by: deb at April 24, 2003 04:13 PM

Man, we knew you could do it!

Posted by: ronbailey at April 24, 2003 08:32 PM

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