April 22, 2003

So Sue Me

I've known folks who, when they were having a day like mine today, would say they were 'just snake-bit'. Meaning, of course, having an evil rotten day. I think too much of the herptiles to use this particular terminology, but you get the idea. You've had those days I'm sure, where bad begets worse in a day-long run of rotten luck, poor timing, low biorhythms... whatever.

The aggravation started this morning when took the dog on a short walklet for one final pee (for him) before I left for class. He got his nose up in the air on the scent of something, and lo and behold, there not 10 feet from the garden fence was the south parts of a north-bound rabbit. Something (fox?) had eaten just about exactly half of it. Fine by me, since this is the time of year I go bunny-banging and have removed three or four every spring that manage to get under the bottom electrical wire. But the dog insisted he was going to take credit for this particular kill; I had to bribe him to get the disgusting thing away from him. I was late leaving for Tech with a rabbit carcass to pitch in the dumpster.

And some other stuff happened that I won't bore you with having to do with traffic snarls, powerpoint files, cell phone service, privet hedges, physical therapy evaluations and post hole diggers. Also, it turned very much back to March again today and once again we'll be firing up the stove tonight because it's said to be freezing in here and The Queen is not happy.

So. This is my excuse why I didn't get that picture for you this afternoon like I promised. And oh yeah... the dog ate my camera.

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