April 22, 2003

Blogfest, Sort of

Back last Fall I first heard from these folks in the Very Deep South who had found Fragments in the process of searching for info on Floyd. Somehow they had acquired property here, and as it turns out, their place is about a mile and a half as the crow flies to our south. One day when they retire from hot, humid and flat, they will be our neighbors. Wouldn't it be nice to meet them someday!

Liska and Bill came to dinner with us last night. They've been here for a few days working to improve the road into their place, experiencing Floyd County fog and drizzle until yesterday afternoon when the sun came out, things warmed up, and we were able to sit on the upstairs porch for a pleasant few moments as the sun settled behind the ridge. To prove that she really truly does read this silly weblog, Liska came bearing a CD with some Really Great Oldies... but she couldn't have known when she suggested we play it last night that I cannot resist singing along; and when it comes to the Tams, I am compelled to help them along with the doo-whopp coreographed MoTown motions as well. For which I apologize. A little.

Alice, you wouldn't recognize your work buddy. She has callouses on her hands, is wearing catbrier scratches like war wounds, and is tough as nails. Just yesterday she pretended to take the wrong trail so she could sprint straight back up a mountain-goat hill... piece o'cake, she said. I bet she'll do it again today it felt so good the first time.

T'was a nice evening and we're looking forward someday to walking up the New Road along the Nameless Creek to sit on our new neighbors deck and watch the sun go down behind the Buffalo. Maybe by then, these guys will have their own Floyd weblog. Ya reckon?

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Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Posted by: Da Goddess at April 22, 2003 05:45 AM

woo hoo! floyd is awesome, i can't wait to live on my own piece of it there in alum ridge.

Posted by: bud at April 22, 2003 08:44 AM

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