April 17, 2003

Treat Your Children Well...

...their fathers' Hell...

Children inherit genes, but their legacy, too, includes the diets and lifestyles of their parents and kids are showing up in alarming numbers with "Adult-onset" (Type II) diabetes.

Folks, this is an awful disease that can be prevented. The cause?

... Doctors have little doubt. They blame inactivity and overeating. The hours on end in front of the tube, for instance, and the 20-ounce sodas in school vending machines. (Swilling four of those a day is nothing special for many kids, one doctor notes, and adds up to 1,000 calories, close to half of a boy's daily needs, all from sugar.)

... The horizon is really dark," says Dr. Jorge Calles-Escandon, a Wake Forest University endocrinologist. "We know what happens to adults with type 2 diabetes who don't take care of it properly. They die prematurely. They have heart attacks, strokes, blindness, renal failure. There is no reason to believe this will be different for adolescents."

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