April 12, 2003

Waging Peace

In this faltering effort at a 'meaningful act' called Fragments, I could not have said it nearly as well, but needed to express just this, and will relate my hopes and lamentations through Lisa Thompson's thoughtful words in Field Notes.

Lisa concludes:

"There are other ways to make our voices heard that are not confined to simple protest 'against war', but are expressions 'for peace'. These are acts of imagination and creativity that come from the vital heart of each of us. It is incumbent upon us to express our humanity in meaningful acts of art using poetry and prayer, beauty, rhythm and song not only now while bombs are dropping, not only when war is imminent, but always. How else to make peace a greater force than war, love greater than hate, humanity greater than commerce, than to express those values in our daily lives-a practice of peace. Embedded in this poetic form of protest are the means to a vital expression of peace and life long after the bombs stop."
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