April 11, 2003

Family Fruits Fall Far from Tree

If my kids didn't have the inclination to hang around gramps and granny, they at least are living in places where, if the bones and budget permit, we will be happy to visit someday. Dau is in southwestern South Dakota, and I suppose everybody ought to do the tourist thing once and visit Rushmore. Ann's not been west at all, and we'd love to get out there before the snows set in again in August. Maybe I exaggerate. September then.

Son will be moving in August to Vancouver to begin a masters program at Regent. It sounds like a wonderful place for him on several fronts, and we're looking forward once again to living vicariously through his experiences via copious email and phone calls and annual visits. We've already decided, with the kind assistance of a blogging friend who is a life-long Vancouver resident, that he can probably get by without a car while he's there.

Now: if someone wants to offer scholarships, or free housing near the University of British Columbia, I can put you in touch with an eager recipient of such largess. His parents wouldn't be too sad for such miracles, either. Anyone? Anyone?

Posted by fred1st at April 11, 2003 08:48 AM | TrackBack

Go west! It's great! Completely different world from the eastern mountains! Obviously we know they are higher, but they completely different. More coniferous trees, more drier areas, new mountains with rock as opposed to your old mountains out east, all kinds of glacier lakes, really cool, and a lot of areas without any of the bugs too! No misqueetos or anything, just the less bugging buggy bugs. You can sleep under the stars without a tent and not worry bout bites or usually even rain if its not already a stormy day. Most of the stormclouds move in and back out in the afternoons in the more moist areas of Colorado. And states like wyoming are largely BLM land that you can go anywhere on, just close any gate you open to get through! (and an atlas and gazeteer is helpful to know where the areas are exactly ) And you can go out in some of those areas off the interstates and highways and paved roads and not see almost anyone, if that! A really great way to truly experience nature. It truly is an experience you should check out.

Posted by: Josh at April 11, 2003 10:40 AM

I think living in Vancouver will be eye-opening for son, when he gets there. A little different, I imagine than what he may have been use to. The weather for a start is very British there. It rains at least once a day, oh, okay, maybe it's not *that* bad, but close. ;-)

If you get the chance fred, you and the misses should always visit the kids. You'll love Vancouver so much to see and do in such a small city... well, comapred to say London.

Hope all goes well from them both, er, and you. ;-)

Posted by: Alexandra at April 11, 2003 11:54 AM

Oh you have to visit SW SD! Rapid City is 600 miles south of where I live....and fifty miles east looks exactly like southern Saskatchewan. Then there are the Black Hills to the west and they truly are a sight to behold.

And as a matter of cultural interest, you can see the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation not that far from Rapid City....it's right up there with Appalachia in poverty and development (or lack thereof) stats.

And Vancouver! It's the Left Coast North....and the ferry trek up to Sechelt is spectacular. Go go go.

Posted by: Jane at April 11, 2003 02:09 PM

Regent sounds just wonderful to me too! I'm sue all will go well for him.

Posted by: Jan at April 11, 2003 06:02 PM

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