April 10, 2003


Older'n Dirt

Posted by fred1st at April 10, 2003 06:13 AM | TrackBack

Happy Birthday, Fred! I hope you have a lovely day :)

Posted by: deb at April 10, 2003 07:29 AM

Happy Birthday - you're not old, just experienced!

Posted by: bogie at April 10, 2003 08:15 AM

Best wishes.

Posted by: boynton at April 10, 2003 08:46 AM

Hoppy Bird Day, m'dear!

Posted by: Anita Rowland at April 10, 2003 10:02 AM

hi fred!
nice to meet you and happy birthday!


Posted by: bud at April 10, 2003 10:39 AM

Happy Birthday. And nice vanity license plate suggestion for a automotive birthday purchase.

Posted by: Mike at April 10, 2003 12:18 PM

Happy Birthday to You!! Have a great day - I have
truly enjoyed reading Fragments from Floyd these past few months.

Posted by: Madelyn at April 10, 2003 12:34 PM

I could make a wisecrack, like,
With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone... but I won't ;-)

Have a Happy Birthday!


Posted by: Jeremiah at April 10, 2003 12:56 PM

Naw, I've seen dirt that's older'n you.

Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Cody at April 10, 2003 01:06 PM

Hey you old Swamp Dog,

You aint really old, just washed up,
washed up like driftwood, that is.

Many Happy Returns of the Day!


Posted by: The Hummus King at April 10, 2003 01:15 PM

Hey Papa. It looks like there's really no sense in me making any "old fart" wisecracks, as you seem to have plenty of friends to take care of that as it is. Look forward to seeing you soon. (I'll take some Ensure with me, just in case your supply's run low.)

Love you.

Posted by: the boy at April 10, 2003 01:26 PM


Posted by: Beth at April 10, 2003 03:43 PM

Being on vacation (in Houston, TX), each day's date has been of no "concern", but in watching CNN just now, they flashed the date on the screen, and I realized that I had a "mission" of my own. HB2U, HB2U, HB deer brudder, HB2u!

We are here visiting Linda's Dad, heading back to B'ham tomorrow. Well, actually, tomorrow, we will drive to Red Stick, LA (Baton Rouge) and then make the second leg of the trip after spending half a day in Nawlinz Saturday morning.

Best wishes on your acquisition of another year, Elder One!

the Younger

Posted by: Baby Bro at April 10, 2003 05:57 PM

I'm right behind ya, Fred.

Although the (quantum?) mechanics of it all dictate that I will never, ever quite catch up.

In the meantime, have just as much fun as you can possibly stand, plus twenty percent.

Posted by: CGHill at April 10, 2003 08:59 PM

happy birthday from me too. I tell myself we are like wine, getting better as we mature!

Posted by: Jan at April 10, 2003 11:59 PM

Happy B-Day, buddy.

Posted by: ronbailey at April 11, 2003 06:24 AM

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