April 09, 2003

Dances with Wolfowitz

from the New York Times, April 09, 2003. Link thanks to Phillip Coons.

Mr. Cheney's war guru, Victor Davis Hanson, writes in his book "An Autumn of War" that war can be good, and that sometimes nations are better off using devastation than suasion. Mr. Hanson cites Sherman's march through Georgia, the 19th century's great instance of shock and awe, as a positive role model.

Polls and interviews show that in their goal of making Americans less rattled by battle, Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Cheney have succeeded: most Americans are showing a stoic attitude about the dead and the wounded so far.

I feel the deep rumbling of a rant coming to the surface and anticipate a cathartic post soon that will provide yet another (if not novel) opinion as to why we are in Iraq. It may not add much to the debate, but it will help me purge some of the war-toxins that are poisoning my days. At some point, silence becomes psychological constipation.

More and more, the emperor's new clothes are becoming transparent and nudity does not become him. We the pee-pull are complicit in pretending his robes and crown are regal and legitimate and honorable. Biting my tongue here, until another time.

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