April 05, 2003

View from Roundtop

image copyright Fred First

Roundtop Shelter, Chesser Prairie, Okefenokee Swamp
View West ~ March 31, 2003

A Okefenokee 'prairie' is a like a flooded field with floating vegetation. Many of the 'islands' that you see may have shrubs and small trees on them, but are actually floating mats of organic matter not anchored to the sandy bottom of the swamp. Like a dry-land prairie, the broad expanse of Chesser Prairie was quite wind-swept when we arrived. We cussed the wind while we put up our tents, but then wanted it back later after it died down: it had kept the legions of mosquitoes off of us, and had been blowing in a favorable direction relative to the outhouse that sits on a little side arm of the wooden platform called Roundtop Shelter (pictured here).

We ate a big dinner and sat back and watched the day end over this very unique place in all the world. As the sun set, the Barred Owls began their 'who cooks for you' calls from every direction, near and far, often several at once, under a moonless starfilled sky.

image copyright Fred First

Posted by fred1st at April 5, 2003 06:31 AM | TrackBack

Beautiful photography. It feels like we are there.

Posted by: meg at April 5, 2003 10:30 PM

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