March 19, 2003

Alligator Bait

Got a call last night from an old Auburn friend (living down the road now in Wytheville) I hadn't heard from in years. Mark is one the masses of Wildlife or Zoology majors now doing something totally unrelated to his training. Eating becomes a habit and we go off and sell ourselves to the non-biological folks who pay us. But Mark, like me, still loves the natural world, though neither one of us gets into it very much anymore for extended periods.

Mark's got a canoe trip planned to the Okeefenokee, called me out of the blue as a possible 4th man backup in case anybody defaults. Man, I'd be tempted. It should be early enough that the no-see-ums and black flies and mosquitoes wouldn't be too awful bad, and the rattlesnakes cool enough not to be up to full speed. The male alligators should be bellowing during early mating season. Ah, the night sounds of frog and insect chorus; the smell of brackish backwaters and the organic mustiness of peat and Spanish moss and the sweet fragrance of water hyacinth and pond lilies. I feel a Walter Mitty coming on...

Meanwhile, I'm finding any possible excuse (the weblog is excellent in this way!) to avoid doing what I ought to be doing: working on my research project, where now I am in the process of describing a working definition of the word CULTURE so I can discuss cultural tourism's role in Floyd County's collective identity. YAWN. I'd rather be canoeing.

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Posted by: Don at March 19, 2003 10:28 AM

Go and, report back. I like second-hand travelling, means I don't actually have to come face to face with said gator or snake! ;-) As for the word CULTURE? Greatly over-rated, like civilization, all a matter of historical perspective. Good luck with the writing.

Posted by: Alexandra at March 19, 2003 11:39 AM

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