March 08, 2003

North Korea? Fiddledee Dee

Wait a minute. The reason that we are going to invade Iraq now is because they have WMD and pose a 'real threat' at some point to American soil. And if we wait, Iraq will eventually have the capability to reach our shores with a long range missle carrying nuclear, bio or chem agents. Meanwhile...

...Pyongyang is thought to have about 5,000 tons of chemical agents, plus an ample stock of biological agents.

....Experts believe North Korea's secretive chemical weapons program includes thousands of tons each of blistering mustard gas and the sarin nerve agent. North Korea also has unknown quantities of other nerve agents like VX, blood agents, choking gasses and riot control agents.

...Biological agents are thought to include anthrax, cholera and bubonic plague. (from CNN March 3)

And: New York, March. 8. (PTI): North Korean fighter jets that intercepted an unarmed US spy plane over the Sea of Japan last weekend were trying to force the aircraft to land in the Stalinist State and take its crew hostage, a senior American defence official claimed.

We know their nuclear ambitions...and wasn't it just last week that NK tested a long range missle capable of striking the US western coast?

So: Who is the bigger threat to us at this moment? Is it so hard to see why the world doesn't make sense of what Mr. Bush is claiming? I certainly am confused.

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Ah well.... we'll get to the big bad North Koreans just as soon as Junior Mccoy settles his family's score with Saddam Hatfield. Assuming we're still here to fight another day, of course.

Have a great weekend!

Posted by: Anne at March 8, 2003 11:35 AM

I subscribe to several policy forcasting and think tanks on both sides of the political spectrum. I cannot post the entire article but here is the pertinent graf:

Four Americans met with North Korean representatives at the North Korean embassy in Berlin on Feb. 20 and 21, German Foreign Ministry sources have confirmed. News of the meeting was leaked to Japan's Asahi Shimbun, which published it March 6.

According to the initial report, the U.S. delegation included a former U.S. government official, a scientist from a public research center and a nuclear expert. The fourth member cited by German sources was likely an interpreter.

Russian Foreign Intelligence Service sources also confirmed the meeting and said another was planned for mid- to late March. North Korea was represented by an officer from the Atomic Energy Department, a Foreign Ministry official and two Berlin embassy employees, according to media reports. The secret meetings belie the public posturing by both nations and may signal a resolution to the nuclear standoff within months.

Ask yourself why our media, who surely know of this back channel continue to ask the same inane questions about Korea? An agenda perhaps?

It would seem that our relationship with Russia is also not as fractured as the media would have us believe. Putin is working both sides of the room as well he and we should.

Posted by: feste at March 8, 2003 12:13 PM

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