March 03, 2003

Up from the Ooze

NZ Bear has just updated the "Truth Laid Bear Blogging Ecosystem" after several months of working behind the scenes on the Weblog Metadata Initiative. You go, Bear!

Fragments had once hacked and clawed its way up the food chain to the level of questionable status in the animal kingdom as a Crawly Amphibian. A vertebrate, at least. This was back during the early days that were dominated by a cantakerous and unreliable beast called Blogspot. That, of course, was before wicked Princess Sheila went off her medications and she did wax wroth and threaten to kill the gentle Moveable Beast. Yet, that was in a blog long ago and far, far away.

Now, Fragments is not to be found among the animals with backbones. Nor even among animals with two or more cells! Alas, there you'll find us, far down in the primordial ooze, some 294 feet under the surface with the other Insignificant Microbes of the blogging world, feeding off the detritus that filters down from the posts of the bipedal bloggers up there in the oxygen rich photic zone, their scant leftovers trickling down to the dark, sunless nether reaches of the Sphere of Blogs. Munch. Munch.

If anybody is curious, I'm a anaerobic chemosynthetic gram-negative bacillus. With a beard.

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