March 03, 2003

No Place Like Home

Last week Rebecca Blood wondered (what! No permalinks? see below) if Fragments was to be put into a 'category' (along with Viviculture which she mentions, but also Notes from a Hillside Farm, Bowen Island Journal, and other similar weblogs that are to one degree or another about 'living in place').... what would they be called, collectively?

:: Nature Writing Resources. While you're in the mood, go say hi to Viviculture and Fragments from Floyd. I need to think of a good name for this type of weblog, which are focused on the rhythms of day-to-day living, with an eye to the natural world. And then add that category to my portal page. [ 02/26/03 ]

Can you come up with a category name for weblogs like Fragments that are mostly, or at least significantly focused on the WHERE of a blogger's life? Frankly, there are not many of us, and I wonder if this says something about the kinds of voices that blogging attracts. Still, even as eccentrics at the margins of the medium, it would be nice to have a space for "Place Blogs" by giving them a creative category label.

My mind wanders into the realm of the silly. How about PLOGS...Place Blogs. Or, Terrablogs. Geoblogs. Enviroblogs. Can we take the Latin 'loco' meaning place and create LOCOBLOGS. Or how 'bout merely "Landscapes". Wouldn't it be nice to drop the dysphonic and gutteral BLOG word altogether everywhere throughout the, well, blogosphere, and come up something less evocative of the sound of pulling your boot out of the mud? But I guess we're probably stuck up to our knees with that one forever.

There does not seem to be a single word to describe weblogs which are journals about one's life and identity as it relates to surroundings. And I suppose this is only even a teeny interest to those few of us who maintain such a focal-local, watching-the-grass-grow kind of weblog... the rural, bucollic nadapundits of the world.

Rebecca... we're working on it.

UPDATE: My bad. Rebecca's little :: is her cryptic permalink. Duh. And, there is now a section in her Webloggia (portal) called (unless or until a replacement category name can be found) Weblogs of Place. Lots of good places to go from the portal here; bookmark it.

Posted by fred1st at March 3, 2003 05:28 AM | TrackBack

I do make a distinction between the weblogs that are about a new place or a new culture, and those that record the everyday events of a life lived in place.

when I came upon viviculture the first time, I referred to it as "weblog as meditation" and I do think that this particular genre of weblogs share that aspect of mindfulness--but I'm not sure how to denote that by title.

Posted by: rebecca blood at March 3, 2003 10:40 AM

I have in the past referred to this trend as "Blogging in Place." "Blogs of Place" sounds to me be a good noun phrase translationof this verb phrase.

Geoblogs is taken and refers to a more specific, yet somewhat overlapping, concept. Has to do with maps and GIS, I believe.

How about "Grounded Blogs?" Gives a sense of the connection to real places and the mindful aspect Rebecca is wanting to capture.

Posted by: Cody Clark at March 3, 2003 02:06 PM

Aaahhhh.....Fred is noted! And, notable.

Good onya, Fred!

Posted by: Da Goddess at March 3, 2003 03:03 PM

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