March 02, 2003

The Emperor of Scent

Oh joy! Another book to put on my list, eventually purchase, and add to the growing stack that I may someday get around to not just having, but actually read!

The Emperor of Scent sounds like a story right up my alley, or maybe more appropriately, my olfactory pathways. Written by the engaging Chandler Burr (who presented a remarkably interesting interview on the Diane Reems Radio Show a few weeks back), this mystery story is about Luca Turin, a biophysicist, who even as a child, had an uncanny awareness of scents. Now, he smells the scent of money and is betting his theory will spawn myriad new applications in the perfume and flavoring industry... and even have military applications.

The man is a brilliant iconoclast who has proposed a totally new paradigm of how smell... the only scent whose operation still remains an unproven theory... actually works. If he's right, you'll be hearing his name in the Nobel Prize postings one day, and lots of Ivory Tower elites will eat (and probably think they smell) crow.

UPDATE: 3.03.03 (nice date!) There is a brief excerpt of this little Fragment now at All Consuming review of books from blogs.

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