February 25, 2003

Lies, Damn Lies and CBS

The CBS Rural "Reality" show just won't die.

("The Real Beverly Hillbillies") is insulting and could be potentially harmful to the Appalachian region in terms of our public perception. It could influence decisions by those who may locate a business in the area or invest in the area. U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland Ohio-6th District

Rural Strategies goes on to state...

Rep. Strickland has contacted Sen. Zell Miller of Georgia to see whether he would introduce the resolution in the Senate.

Miller has been an outspoken critic of "The Real Beverly Hillbillies." In January, after CBS put some distance between the network and the proposed series, Miller sent a letter to the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

"Seems they are having a hard time finding the family they had in mind: toothless illiterates with hookworms and an old man who has impregnated his barefoot, teenage daughter," Miller wrote.

"My bet is that these hoity-toity media moguls won't give up that easily. They're dying for a new 'Cracker comedy,' and with their noses in the air, they will keep searching. After all, they are certain that Appalachia is even more backward than the rest of the South, and making viewers feel they are superior is certainly as good a ratings grab as a washed-up 'Celebrity Mole' in Hawaii or a fake 'Joe Millionaire' in France."

UPDATE 11 a m Feb 26: More from a Capitol Hillbilly (Zell Miller of GA) who's NOT HAPPY WITH CBS!

Posted by fred1st at February 25, 2003 04:44 PM | TrackBack

Zell Miller was governor of GA for most of the years I lived there. If we had a lot more people like him in elected office I would feel a lot better.

Posted by: Chris at February 25, 2003 10:28 PM


When I saw the lede I assumed the post was about the Rather-Saddam Show. *G*

Posted by: feste at February 26, 2003 03:52 PM

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