February 25, 2003

Tuesday Tidbits To Go

  • No, honestly, if I wasn't obliged to go scrape Ann's car at 5:45 every morning, I wouldn't go any farther than the woodrack on the back porch until after sun-up. But I'm often glad, when I come back in and take off all the winter garb, that I was out under the winter sky in the dark. This morning, the coy C-shaped waning moon was beautiful. I've not checked the news yet this morning. No matter what has transpired in the world of men, the heavens point toward that which is beyond our small world and puny senses, past the outermost of the spinning, whirling galaxies, past the edge of change, sitting on the other side of that final curtain beyond which our instruments cannot take us. And that's good news.
  • It's come to this. Much of our wood is wet, as I've confessed. But I have a plan: I will bring in selected pieces of wood from the wet part of the dwindling pile... looking especially for cherry, sassafras, and walnut... and put them on some tin foil over the woodstove's cooler top surface, to slow-cook the moisture out of them before they go in the stove. This has the most desirable side-effect of producing a house-full of woodscent potpourri. Serving suggestion: don't try this on your kitchen stove.
  • And I have entered the dog house. (Who am I kidding. We always live in the dog house. Right, Buster?) Yesterday I found a small amount of paraffin lamp oil in a bottle in the cellar. I brought it up and put it down on the back porch while I wandered off and split wood or somesuch. The winds came down the valley from the south, blew over our hiking sticks that were leaning against the house, and they knocked over the lamp oil onto the walkway. Our brick pavers are now permanently (?) marked with a Rorschach blot which appears to be a fruitbat that has been run over by a steamroller.
  • I have been reading the Floyd County Comprehensive Plan. I intend to blog on this. I just thought you deserved to be warned ahead of time.

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You're not alone in your spillage-on-pavers. I spilled deck stain on the new patio stones last summer. Then I moaned about it to my aunt, who told me she had spilled hot bacon grease on her cement slab porch when going out to throw it away. I suppose this is no consolation.

Posted by: Fran at February 25, 2003 05:21 PM

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