February 24, 2003

The More Things Change

There is a new grocery store coming to town, and not everybody is happy about it. There were already two here, Farmers Foods and Slaughters, and it isn't a public demand for fresh lobster that will be bringing in a chain grocery to the edge of town. It's simply a corporate opportunity. The new Food Lion store will be going in a field right across from the library, 100 yards out the front door of this stately old mansion that was featured here a month or so ago.

The issue has somewhat polarized the community, at least as it plays out in the editorial columns of the local paper. The most vocal locals, if I can paint with an overly-broad brush here, want any growth anywhere, any how. Some of the newer residents who come to Floyd with bad urban sprawl experiences and perhaps a longer and larger view of things, are concerned that certain kinds of growth, and aesthetic aspects of it (the signage, obtrusiveness of parking lot lighting, traffic changes) need to be considered before this kind of change in the character of town takes place.

This little controversy has brought into contrast the different voices represented here, and has been especially of interest to me now, as I will be attempting in my class research project to discern the 'collective identity' of Floyd County in some meaningful way. I mention this because the more I read and interview and write about my study topic, the less time I have to roam around with my camera and ruminate about protozoans and pondscum. I am a reluctant sociologist here, but that is the hat I am wearing for a while, til I get this class behind me. Who knows. Maybe I'll even wander upon something of substance to write about. (NAH!) Stay tuned!

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