February 22, 2003

Blogstreet Neighborhoods etc

I suppose some, maybe most bloggers will be aware of Blogstreet. The folks there use some voodoo to create a kind of hierachical ranking of over 85,000 weblogs, determined in some fashion by who links to and is linked by the weblog. I'm not sure what some of this means, especially the "neighborhood". Fragment's Neighborhood shows many well-known weblogs, but I'll be darned if many of them know me. Still, you can go to any of those in the list and see more about their associations.

The BlogBack feature lists other weblogs where Fragments appears on their blogroll. This seems accurate enough.

And there is a new javascript feature (menu: VISUAL) that ostensibly shows in a graphic way various connections between Fragments and other seemingly random chosen weblogs. This is sort of fun to play around with, but I can't say that it tells me anything useful.

Word is that soon, there will be a number of separate 'categories' and ratings will be applied within those categories. Hmmm. Wonder where to file Fragments? Maybe there will be a "Seinfeld" category, that is 'about nothing'. Yeah. That's the ticket.

And while were sort of on the subject of linkages and connections, notice down at the bottom of the right sidebar now... a neat little FREE piece of code from Stephen Downes that tells you who's visiting Fragments (if anyone) and from where. Did I mention it was free?

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So -- do I get to be Kramer or am I Newman?

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at February 22, 2003 09:45 PM

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