February 21, 2003

Crises of Conscience...

...and being accountable.

Kurt Easterwood looks at the two sides of the Janus-faced role of the personal writer, wondering how to find the proper balance between keeping the internal peace of one's life where he or she lives it, and waging peace in the real world of words and weapons. I appreciate him carrying some of my earlier thoughts forward and am happy for the company in this confusing time.

UPDATE/2.23.03 Pascale also asks if it's right that a blogger should be silent if he or she doesn't have all the answers' and note too Sainteros comment to Pascale's post, which reads, in part...

[...] I cannot escape my sense that far from protecting Americans the current administration is actually increasing the danger to Americans, that its unilateralism is seriously destabilizing international relations, that it has squandered the one opportunity we've had in 50 years to unite the world more sympathetically to our values and our character. The current administration failed to anticipate September 11, failed to stop it, and subsequently has failed to capture or render impotent those who did it. Now they are pursuing an enemy that they cannot prove is a direct threat, promoting both the perception and the reality that America wishes to behave as an empire and not a republic. The cost to America is to incur the world's ire.

Lynn Sislo (in her comment) takes issue with the term 'unilateral' since others have 'willingly' sort of kinda joined America in this endeavor. Technically, maybe she's right. However....

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Actually, I worry about more about the people who are sure that they HAVE all the answers in this one, and I note that their voices become shriller and their spirits meaner as time goes on. I've settled on "highly skeptical".

Posted by: Jane at February 24, 2003 08:35 AM

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