February 18, 2003

Christmas in February!

Missing since Christmas travels: my little shirt-pocket digital recorder. There is such as thing as "too small" and the tiny Olympus DW-90 was just so easy to lose between couch cushions or to slip out of a pocket. I had lost it somewhere and dang I wish I had at least put my phone number on it in case somebody found it.

Yesterday somebody did. Me. It was stuffed back in the far corner of my underwear drawer, wrapped up in a placemat from the table, along with a small pocketknife, a few .22 shells and two odd socks. Obviously this was a "Oh crap they're walking up the sidewalk!" kind of last minute clean up during the Christmas house guests season. I swear I didn't put it in that drawer. So does Ann. Buster!

For some reason, my mind goes 100 miles an hour when I am driving. I suppose it is somewhat of a sensory deprivation kind of thing as the 'motor mind' is occupied with the mere action-reaction aspects of staying on the road. I dunno. I bought the little recorder back when I was on the road an hour a day, five days a week between here and work in Christiansburg. At the time, I had no outlet for writing, but wanted to, and the snippets that zipped through my mind while driving I somewhere called "ephemeral fragments from Floyd" because they would come, and would as quickly go, until I got my handy-dandy little recorder. Even then, I had snatches of imagery, adjectives, sometimes paragraphs of thought and reflection that were to me worthy of writing about. But the idea of writing without some concept of audience left me cold. Then the concept of the weblog-as-journal came to my attention in March... now almost a year ago... and here we are.

I'm back in the truck again several times a week. I'll be doing some interviews for my class research project soon. Finding the little recorder couldn't have come at a better time. Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

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Do you like Chopin? If so, try this one on the car stereo. The Adam Harasiewicz Philips Cd: Complete Preludes, Complete Nocturnes..it's a gem.

If etudes don't make you antsy and/or drive too fast...Leopold Godowsky: Studies on Chopin Etudes Vol. 2

He takes technique over the top with his own arrangements of Chopin. it's one of my fav driving pieces...it's perfect for those long flat multi-laned stretches of interstate freeway.

Posted by: feste at February 19, 2003 12:11 PM

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