February 15, 2003

The Tie Dye Decade

The Psychedelic Sixties:
Literary Tradition and Social Change
A Media Exhibit

by Stephen Railton
Balding Hippie & Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Virginia

"There were a lot of ways to get hurt in the sixties, from fire fights in Vietnam to drug overdoses in student apartments. Most of us survived, to face a different kind of sixties risk: nostalgia. Nostalgia is probably as hallucinatory as any drug, and certainly more dangerous to the memory than any LSD induced "flashback." As a means of resisting its effects, let's evoke the skepticism of someone born after 1970, someone who might be more receptively curious about the sixties if there weren't already so many oldies stations on the radio, someone whose voice has no trace of a lump in it when pronouncing the word "Woodstock."

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