February 07, 2003

No Business like Snow Business

I had a wonderful hour walk along the creek this morning after six inches of new snow fell last night. Buster and I and the camera spent some peaceful time in the white world and came back with about two dozen images.

I have been meaning for some months to preserve shrinking hard drive space by saving future digital images to my TDK CD-RW drive. Today I finally decided I would do it. And I created the directory on the RW drive, saved images there, and worked especially with four or five of them (some wonderful B & W's of the creek and snow) off and on for about two hours.

One of my graphics software programs froze the system and I had to do a reboot. When the computer booted back up, the directory on the CD-RW disk and all my saved files were gone. Do you know that sinking feeling one gets when something like this happens? Thankfully, I only lost a couple hours work, and I did enjoy the process.

But I think this is the last straw, having had poor experience in the past with flaky CDRW disks (Verbatim) or the drive, or both. My 13Gb hard drive is down to less than three gig. Suggestions, anyone? Similar CDRW experiences?

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Fred, Jean-Francois (the Spousal Unit) burns his photos into CD's and keeps them in a library. He also keeps his files on another computer, the old one I had before. Incidentally, that's where his internet connection is, so it doesn't interface with his main computer where he does his photographic work. He burns the CDs directly from the camera to CD and then works off them, keeping a copy on the old computer hard drive.


Posted by: travelertrish at February 7, 2003 03:07 PM

I have used Verbatim discs for years without any negative experiences whatsoever. What type of burning software do you use?

Posted by: ron at February 7, 2003 04:07 PM

I would suspect the graphics software first. Sounds like you were saving directly to the disc? Was Photoshop the culprit? If so, increase your scratch file size. You can find help about memory issues for your version online at Adobe support.

The windows swap file may be too small for the burn engine's read-write swap. I never use the writer's test disc routine either, it hung a lot on me, I just burn to the disc.

Oh and I am way too paranoid to write to the disc when I have spent time tweaking. I write to my C drive then burn it off and delete the file from my temp doc folder. I know it is an extra step...but I learned the hard way with a morning deadline and a night's worth of work gone.

BTW-Did you use the task manager to reboot? That should tell which program hung. Then you can figure why. *G*


Posted by: feste at February 7, 2003 09:16 PM

Files on a CD are stored in one long continuous track, starting near the center and working outward. To update a CD-RW, the drive has to find the end of the last file, write the new file, then update the table of contents area. Repeat for each file. If you have many files queued up, and you crash - well, you know what happens.

I have had incredibly low success with Office Depot's CD-RWs; for some reason, neither my desktop drive at home (an LG 10x) or at work (an LG 8x) seems to like them, and they get reformatted about once a month because their directories are fragged.

If I wanted to save something Forever, I'd make two copies on CD-R and back up one of them every other year or so.

Posted by: CGHill at February 7, 2003 10:57 PM

I've had good luck with memorex brand CD-R's. I have more trouble with CD-RW's so I tend to avoid them. CD-R's are so cheap these days I don't feel guilty at all if they are only half full of stuff.

Posted by: Chris at February 8, 2003 09:32 AM

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