February 04, 2003

School Report

I'll be fetching my bookbag soon, preparing to do battle with the vehicular hoardes that converge on the Virginia Tech campus. Three weeks into my one class, I still can't say Yea Or Nay about it. I've missed the last two Thursdays because of horrible snowy weather and have never quite gained my momentum as a student. There's no snow this morning, but it does look like I will get the chance instead to walk 3/4 mile in a driving rain to class today, just so I don't get too cocky. In my winter walks across campus I have tried to imagine sitting on a bench under the Golden Chain Tree that will bloom there beside McBryde Hall in April. I'll pretend I am young, reading a novel in the sun's warmth, before class. Time will come. But not soon. This morning's sidelong swathes of rain will turn to snow showers after noon, and I'll build a fire and watch it turn winter again.

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