February 01, 2003

Animal Planet: Mug Shots

Take a look at these 25 representatives of the major animal groups (phyla). Do it for no other reason than that the image gallery is stunning. But there is also a lot of good zoological information here, which warms my BoZo heart (I have been so called because my gate swings both ways... toward both BOtany and ZOology).

How many of these odd-looking creatures could you name by common name? How many, if any, can you name by their scientific phylum name (like Molluska for snails, clams, etc)? Can you find the (presumed) nearest relative of our group, the "Vertebrates", including Homo Sapiens? Hint: this critter doen't look like a monkey's uncle.)

Put your cursor on the image and the phylum name pops up. Some of them also are clickable and will carry you to extensive information about the group. There you will learn such things as the fact that now there is no such thing as the CLASS INSECTA. The Arthropod group has been reclassified since I learned the shifting facts of biology (to better reflect the current thinking on ancient ancestry of the group). I didn't know this. Shows you how long I have been away from the field.

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Sometimes we read blogs and sometimes we write in someone's blog. When there are no comments it doesn't mean that there is nobody out here. We are just relaxing and reading blogs.

Like listening instead of talking

For example, we read the recipe for creosote and it makes us smell creosote and takes us to some place...and we really don't have any "comments", just thoughts

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