January 28, 2003

Finding Waldo

Did you know that you can see real-time satellite images of your region (even at night!) via Wunderground's zooming satellite infrared images? Here's our area at the highest resolution. Our place (look closely, see me waving up at you) is in the center right in a tight little cluster of mountains around which hooks the South Fork of the Roanoke River, into which Goose Creek flows, ultimately to the Atlantic.

And now that I've got you all giddy with cartographic urges, here is a neat image of the Rivers of Virginia taken from a larger atlas called Nationalatlas.gov. (Don't bother going there, there's nobody home yet.) This gives a good general view of the Virginia Mountains (Allegheny, Ridge and Valley, and Blue Ridge).

How familiar are you (or your kids) with the land forms that create your "home"? Where in the world are you? Can you (or your kids) trace a drop of water from your front yard to the sea? Given recent assessments of our geographic illiteracy, I encourage you to start with your home turf. Put yourself on the map. Find your place in space. Then broaden your world view by viewing the world, in maps. It's a start toward losing our appaling Americentricity.

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Heya -

This isn't too real time, but the pictures are better:


Click the my URL to see my house (just above the white square in the upper center of the picture)

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(That is click my name... which would normally go to my home page... but is now pointed towards terraserver)

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