January 23, 2003

Chillin' at Home

Thank you, Cannucks, for sharing your winter weather with us here in the mambypamby meteorologically moderate mid south. We appreciate the uncommon experience of listening to the house croak and groan on its foundation during the night as it contracts, pulling itself in from the cold. I listened off and on in the wee hours to make sure I could hear the water trickling in the kitchen sink, running just enough to pull some 'warm' well water through the pipes that run through very frozen ground.

So far, so good. We have about 6" of very fine, powdery snow that will begin blowing and drifting later today as the thermometer falls all during the day from our nightime low of 10 above and winds increase to 20-30 mph. This may be a boring normal day for some, but it's emergency conditions for the ill-prepared hiway department, house plumbing and wildlife in these parts.

There is plenty of wood on the porch, although it is covered with snow. The new carpet is keeping toes happy (perhaps a redeeming 'after' picture when we get things put back together as an antidote to the 'living like pigs' before picture I posted the other day... which, by the way, Ann has not seen yet and I will catch the devil if she does!) She's not working today, and I'm gonna play hookie from school (yes, Canadian types, I know I'm a wimp).
The VDOT Winter Travel Road Conditions Maps say 'stay home'.

So there you have the hippy-dippy Wx report, for y'uns who were asking (I know feel free to offer more verbal localisms, having had our little talk about that. And by the way, I now know not to say that I am 'digging' this day snowed in at home. The word apparently has a more conjugal connotations 'down under'. Eh?)

This might be a fittin' day to write about another sinister encounter with the dark side of burning wood for heat. We'll call it the Hot Fudge Fireplace, maybe. You'll see why. Stay tuned. If Ann lets me have a shot at the computer, I'll see if I can post it by this evening. Y'all stay warm now.

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Hi there...

It's not ALL of Canada that is to blame for your cold weather: For example....

But, as a guy that grew up in the teeth of winter storms fed by the Great Lakes, I'm grinning at your hate on of the cold.

Trust me, shivering helps!

Good luck!


Posted by: Chris Corrigan at January 23, 2003 12:29 PM

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