January 22, 2003

Random Thots While Being Carpeted

I'm feeling all stream-of-semiconsciousey (while the nice men are installing our carpet loudly in the next room) and maybe should follow Anne's lead in pursuing the illusive butterfly of whimsy where ever it takes me. She does it in her posts so well, don't you think? And with a liberal dusting of Latin. Her comments page admonishes Summam Scrutemur. I had to look it up. You, on the other hand, recognised it right off. Right? Well, * Subucula tua apparet.

A view of Tech campus, where I experienced Parking Lot Road Rage this morning. No bodily harm was done, but as Jimmah said, I have sinned in my heart. Shame on me. And shame on Tech for having twice as many parking stickers sold than there are parking places. Grrrrrr!

Dave Trowbridge points us to some clear thinking on the pros and cons of invading Iraq unilaterally. I saw a wonderfully done (if terrible in content) four-hour 'special' on the History Channel on Iraq, Saddam, and the Mid-East. Should be required viewing for those of us who need more support for our views. It left me convinced that Saddam is not good for the world, but also that it would be a grave mistake to do what our president is hamfistedly forcing our country to commit to this very minute. If you are straddling the fence, do your homework, and do it fast.

Look how Feste is displaying photos of new family member Harley. Ain't this slick! And what a cutie. Harley, I mean.

And I think we have found a solution to our new carpet-meets-doghair problem, thanks to Dave Trowbridge via Scott Chaffin of The Fat Guy. And by the way, Scott has a great place on the Beautiful Brazos for the upcoming Blogging Man Experience. Right Scott? Shouldn't be more than, oh, 20-25 thousand of us.

You'd better sit down. Meryl Yourish is now a member in good standing amongst the Deep Fried Axis of Weevil, housed on Possumblog, headquartered in my hometown, Bham, Alabama. Meryl moves south to Richmond and takes one plunge all the way to SOUTHwest Virginia, and she is now a fully enculturated SUTHNAH and Weevil Queen. Now Meryl, I want to know: Can you make latkes with grits?

Southern Appalachians. Remote. Untrammeled. Not. Look at the roads that cross the area. The only conspicuous relatively roadless space is the Smokies in NC-TN. This image is from a nice site, the Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition. Go take a look.

And while we are in a map state of mind, this "image highlights of stream erosion near Renova, Pennsylvania" looks like a photomicrograph of a capillary bed in the spleen, don't you think? And might be suitable for framing.

And finally. How Many Lileks does it take to change a lightbulb? Combustible Boy takes a stab at a Lilekian answer. Hey, this hits a bit close to home since Fragments wanders the same general trail ... the discursive ramble with digressing cul-de-sacs and loopy themes ... but doesn't do it nearly so well. And here on this blog, the topic tends more toward vegetables, insects and dirt.

* translation: your slip is showing

Posted by fred1st at January 22, 2003 06:16 AM | TrackBack

I totally disagree on your assessment of Bush and Iraq.

I think Blix's change of tone is the key. I read and hear that Bush is a cowboy, reckless and rash. Yet he is slowing ratching up the pressure on Saddam. If he were a wild-eyed cowboy we would already be enmeshed in war. The Dems and the media are so accustom to thinking inside the the DC-Foggy Bottom box, that they don't realize Bush is not playing poker ala Clinton...but snooker.

Clinton played the world stage for short term results...putting out fires. His lack of forward policy in Haiti for example has been disasterous for the Haitians and a complete waste of our resources. The massive environmental damage done in the Balkans is a another example. Strobe Talbot completely botched Russia because they had no comprehensive plan to assist the transition to a law based society. They simply threw money at the ogliarchs and wrung their hands...enabling a reptilian thug to grab power.

We must return to a long term strategy ala the hated Nixon..who while being poison at home had a cogent world view. I think Bush is working the back channels rather than pandering to the media and punditry class.

I think we will see Saddam, his thuggy sons and inner circle deplane to unknown parts very soon.

Ask yourself why Libya has been quitely rehabbed? Hmmm?

Posted by: feste at January 22, 2003 12:39 PM

Politico I am assuredly not. But I have not heard anything convincing about a 'comprehensive plan' for making a post-invasion Iraq into a democracy or an autonomous secular Islamic state short of a thirty year 'occupation'.

I hope assumptions about things happening behind the scenes make more sense and have better outcomes than what appears at face value to be happening. I admit I lack trust in both the methods and the goals of the current admin, but hope to be proven wrongheaded about this. I'm afraid that making a major mistake here will have repercussions for decades to come re dealing with those with whom we have been bedfellows, even if very strange ones.

Posted by: fredf at January 22, 2003 01:10 PM

Even though Meryl has insulted me gravely in the past, I might find forgiveness in my heart for a fellow Southerner. I was convinced that Meryl HAD to be a yankee.

Posted by: Acidman at January 22, 2003 08:32 PM

You see that's just it...what does "face value" mean? Nothing. We have no idea what is really going on. How can anyone reach a sensible conclusion with zero information? You notice the Dems who had closed door briefings last week are silent.

I am not saying you do not have valid worries and concerns, but I do not see how you reach the conclusion that there isn't a post-Saddam plan? Based on what? The media? Political opponents? The Euroweenies?

Is it really such a stretch to imagine an administration that might take a different course of action than the expected? We now see how feckless our foreign policy has been.

I do not intend to follow any leader blindly...I have been an Indie voter for several decades. I think both parties are too self-involved. I don't trust or believe the media for the same reasons and that they get it wrong too much of the time. If they can't report accurately on dog-bites-man I don't trust them on Bush Invades Iraq....and forget the boys in Brussels...they can't wait for the jackboot to come back into fashion.

That is my point really, too many people are reacting in an informational vacuum, mistaking dis-information or political spin/bias for facts.

I hope the situation plays out in a humane and civilized manner, but we are in bed with some very unsavory types, it is too late to leave cash on the night table and hope they leave while we are in the bathroom. We will have to deal with tyrants and instability we created for what ever reasons, no matter who occupies the WH, it will not be cheap, pretty or easy.

Since I have no dog in the 2004 political infighting, I will keep my mind open regarding Bush until the other shoe drops.

Posted by: feste at January 22, 2003 08:38 PM

Hey, Fred I do have a pointer. Can't be better said or explained. Go here:


Posted by: feste at January 23, 2003 01:25 PM

Fred, I love the idea! We'll throw a BBQ and Chili Cook-off into the bargain. Of course, I'll have to get that T3 pulled in, and the laptop power drops, and the Wi-Fi network tuned up. My poor old phone line wouldn't be able to stand the onslaught of everyone checking their stats. I wouldn't want anyone to go into withdrawals...

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at January 23, 2003 04:08 PM

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