January 20, 2003

For Everything You Get...

... you give up something.

My mom tells the story about a young birthday party guest back when I was maybe 3 years old. He was enthralled by all the toys that day... old ones in my room and those that had recently been unwrapped by the birthday boy. Everything he saw, he clutched and carried around with him, dazzled by the wealth of things he felt compelled to possess. Finally, with his arms overloaded he whined in tears to one of the adults "I can't carry all this!" To get one thing, you have to give up something else. It's one of life's little lessons.

And all of this is just a longwinded preamble to my telling that tomorrow these 130 year old pine floors will be covered by carpet. That is what we are getting. The old floor downstairs is too far gone to sand or plane back to good wood, and the tongues are missing off some of the tongue-in-groove boards. The shrinking caused by wood heat further accentuates the gap-toothed appearance, and in very cold weather like what we have had for the past month, you can feel the draft of the woodstove drawing air in from the cellar space through these gaps in the flooring. Add to that the fact that long ago, someone out of their minds painted the floor pink. You can see that something needed to be done. And so we are getting carpet tomorrow. My toes are sure going to be happy. Not going to miss those cold floors one bit.

What I will miss is the luxury of not worrying about dirty boots, black dog hair, or pieces of firewood debris hitting the floor. We are about to become slaves to our posessions. For everything you get, you give up something. I'll let you know in a few weeks how the trade-off is settling out. But now, I need to disassemble Central Command here and move things out of the room with the pink floor. If you don't hear from Fragmented Fred for a few days, well, I guess that blogging will be another thing I'll have given up (hopefully only briefly) in order to get warm winter feet.

Posted by fred1st at January 20, 2003 08:33 PM | TrackBack

Oh. No.

Man, does that suck...can't you get some more moon boot slippers?

I'll help pay for replacement boards, Fred. Anything to stop the covering up of old wood floors. With Carpet. I bet you will hate that.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at January 20, 2003 11:13 PM

I hate carpet too...we are suffering a flat Berber weave in this house. What were people thinking when they invented wall-to-wall carpeting? Oh well...that's progress for you.

However, a cold, drafty floor is no fun. You can always rip it out later, sell a kidney and lay new wood. Besides after the first really awful spill/blotch/splat you won't care about a little dog hair or mud...that's what throw rugs are for... and your feet will be warm. ;-)

Posted by: feste at January 20, 2003 11:34 PM

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