January 16, 2003

Ah Say Ah Say...

Murphy's Law #7
If you explain something so clearly that nobody
could misunderstand...somebody will.

A group of administration staff from the community hospital where I used to work took a weekend trip from our small town in North Carolina to New York City. Only one of them had ever been before, so the show was Country Come to Town. Gawwwleee, look at all those lights!

On their first night in town, they were having dinner at an upscale restaurant near the heart of town. Gloria, the very countryfied personnel lady, was overwhelmed by it all; she was having just a bit of discomfort with finding the right fork and trying hard not to rubberneck too conspicuously around the interior of the opulent eaterie while they waited to be served. Soon, a stiff young waiter introduced himself and asked if they were ready to order drinks before their first course.

Gloria ordered her usual: iced tea. She was careful to conceal her southern roots (as if this were possible) and did not ask the young man for "sweet tea" as she would have back home. It wasn't long before the chap arrived with a their drinks. At Gloria's place with great fanfare he deposited a large silver basin filled with ice, in the center was a large bottle of dark wine.

"I didn't order this" she offered quietly.

The waiter checked his orderbook curtly. "Yes mam, that is what I have written down here. Have you changed your mind, then?" he asked impatiently.

"No, young man. I never ordered wine!" Gloria is a strick southern Baptist and is mortified to have this devil's juice sitting in front of her. The very idea that she had asked for it!

As the bottle had been uncorked, the waiter saw a goodly chunck of change coming out of his paycheck if it went back, so he returned to the issue with renewed zeal.

"Madam, I believe that I have brought you the drink that you requested. Very clearly here I have written 'Asti'. The Asti Spumanti chilled in the silver bowl, there in front of God and everybody.

And it was true. In her Nawth 'klina way, she had ordered her usual beverage for dinner.... ohsTee. And that is what she got.

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Exactly the same thing happened to me...in Detroit.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at January 17, 2003 09:36 AM

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