January 14, 2003

A Million Points of Light

It is a sad testimony to our times that the average American adult or child spends way more in front of the STARS on MTV than the under the stars in the night-time sky. This is a great time of the year to spend a few quiet moments in the dark, crystal-clear outdoors between dusk and dawn. You'd be surprised what you can learn listening to the twinkling celebrities that create the 'music of the spheres'.

If you are totally lost, astronomically, and have the attitude of 'seen one star, you've seen'em all', get your bearings here, here and here. Then, turn off the TV, gather up the kiddos, go back outside, and see how much more interesting the silent STARS can be.

Posted by fred1st at January 14, 2003 04:53 AM | TrackBack

We bought my son a telescope for Christmas. As soon as he said he an interest in astronomy, I ran with it.

Now he's out there every night, even when it's freezing, looking at stars and planets - and always looking for spaceships.

There is no substitution for the great outdoors.

Posted by: michele at January 14, 2003 10:01 AM

Are there no mosquitoes in America? The little critters make my life miserable enough indoors, let alone outdoors...

Posted by: irene at January 15, 2003 01:22 AM

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