January 08, 2003

Waste Not

Cute story here from Tony at Sand in the Gears. He lives a civil urban life, and finds joy in the small things of parenthood. It helps that he writes eloquently as he describes them, and from a very loving point of view.

His narrative about potty training and other toddler issues of the day concludes...

And as a good neighbor should, Caleb often tries to be helpful. The other day he and Eli were in their bedroom with their mother. She and Caleb went into another room for something, leaving Eli to play on the floor with a block in the manner he has, which involves lying on his back and chewing fruitlessly on it, in the hopes that it will transform itself into food. After a moment he realized he was alone, and began to fuss.

"What's wrong with Eli?" Caleb asked.

"Oh, he doesn't know where we are," replied his mother.

Caleb ran back into the bedroom. "We're in Virginia, Eli."

Tony's tale reminded me of our daughter, who was precocious in some things, but potty training was not one of them. She spent countless hours waiting for the Big Event. So much so, that the first word she learned to spell was U N A T T E N D E D.

The label on the arm of the little blue seat warned DO NOT LEAVE CHILD... UNATTENDED.

So, take home lesson, young parents: Think long and hard about what inscription you want your child to see during those long hours of visceral learning. Don't let this, er, go to waste, so to speak.

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Why thank you fred! I've had designer's block for days and along you come with one terrific idea. The new design should be completed by monday if not before. Stop by and see the results of your inspiration. Shucks.... i always enjoy your visits regardless.

Posted by: anne at January 8, 2003 09:47 PM

I love stories about children. You don't have to make them up, they're funny and adorable and sooooo frank in real life already!

Posted by: irene at January 9, 2003 10:01 AM

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