January 08, 2003

My To-do List for Today

1) Find illustrator for Wilderness Road Odyssey.

The Story: Several months ago, in my quest for information about things Appalachian, I ran across an account of a local fellow who attempted as near as possible to follow the path of the Wilderness Road (of western pioneer migration) for 850 miles on a bicycle, writing about the historical and current conditions for each section. I wrote him asking if he had maps, as I am interested in particular regarding the Wilderness Road as it passed near us here in Floyd County. He emailed back that no maps were yet available.

Earlier this week, he emailed again, asking if I knew of an illustrator who could draw up a more professional version of his seven maps that will be included in the book. Turns out, there is a hermit of a neighbor (to whom I have spoken I think exactly twice, seen thrice) who illustrates for Highlights Children's Magazine and other publications. I will drive down the road to his place, honk the horn from a safe distance away, and see if I can make contact to ask if he might be interested in this little project.

If any of you know of someone who has some drawing/illustrating skills (I don't think the authors expectations are for cartographic quality, and his budget is limited), please do let me know; or there is an email address on Dr. Green's webpage link above.

2) Go buy new pencils, a Mickey and Goofy lunchbox, and a new spiral-bound Brady Bunch notebook.

The Story: I am taking a single class, "Critical Issues in Appalachia Studies", at Virginia Tech, starting next week. My hope is that the contact with the profs and students will trigger an inspiration toward something of some substance, or at least strong personal passion, to research and write about. I need something to sink my teeth into, while I still have them. So, Tuesdays and Thursdays from now 'til May, I'll be going on campus with the kids. If I wear my tweed jacket with the elbow patches, maybe they'll think I'm a professor and not the oldest student on campus. Or, maybe if I grow my hair in a mullet and dye it orange... have something pierced...

3) While on the road with 1), stop by Vitro Yo Yo art glass studio at the end of our road.

The Story: Perched literally over Goose Creek in a very unpretentious converted barn, Tim Burke produces remarkable art in glass. We have only recently met these young new neighbors, and Tim mentioned showing me around some of the neat off-road places to hike. His place down the road is the most picturesque spot in Floyd County, I think, and I'd love just to walk up on the amazing bluff behind his place. If I do, I'll bring back pictures to share.

4) Ann is home today.

The Story: However she writes it, when she wants, how she wants. Sir, yes mam, Sir!

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1)I actually have illustrated a children's book (I think I might possibly have broken even for the art supplies), but my talents tend more toward Disney than cartography. I am a competent calligrapher, though, and love antique maps, so you're welcome to pass along my email address, I guess....

2)Please, God, not a mullet!!!!

3)Sounds great!

4)Sounds great! ;^)

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