January 01, 2003

Popdex Random Citation Generator

Does anybody know how Popdex generates it's "Citations" to any particular URL? I notice on my visits record that Fragments is listed on Popdex again today (#41 when I checked at 6:00 a.m.) for reasons I cannot fathom. Looking at the purported "citations", there are some familiar blogfolks who indeed linked to me yesterday or the day before in some small way; but then there are total unknowns (to me) and when I visit those sites, there is no mention of fragments. And might I add, at least one site that, well, I DON'T lean that way, okay boys? Anyhow, just curious WHY those pages got quoted as citations.

(I have a theory that Popdex is actually a pleasantly demented former librarian housed in a geriatric warehouse in the midwest who is charged with randomly clicking from a long list of URLs whenever a target webpage is displayed. I think she gets a small gulp of Ensure for each 100 URLs she randomly assigns citations. Pop is the guy in control, but it is really MommaDex who does the work. But this is just a theory.)

From wandering through these geriatrically assigned links, I did find a neat php-generated guitar chord tool. If your fingers work a lot better than mine, you can play a full C or full F chord. Not me buddy. Four out of six is just fine for these hands, anymore.

~ No offense, Mom and Popdex, this is just my ignorance looking for a place to expose itself. I'm sure your algorhythms are impeccable, or just ever so slightly peccable, and I'm happy to be sandwiched inbetween a story from the Israeli Insider and the Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence. (and at least one Father Against same.) ~

Posted by fred1st at January 1, 2003 06:30 AM | TrackBack

HaPPy nEw yEAr!

Posted by: FARRAGO at January 1, 2003 06:39 AM

Fred, I'm not familiar with Popdex, but I've noticed on similar listings that some of the sites that appear to link me actually have tools on them that generate lists of recently updates blogs. By the time I visit these sites, the tolls have moved on.

Happy new year, my friend!

Posted by: sainteros at January 1, 2003 11:56 AM

i ran into something similar once, and the site i clicked thru to as a referrer (personal journal type place) said that he generated a random sidebar link to sites that were referenced by an indexer, a la blogdex. so it might be something like that - a transitory link. have you ever listed yourself with, say, wanderlust? could be that too.

then again, i like the demented librarian image. ;)

Posted by: beth at January 2, 2003 10:53 AM

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