December 30, 2002

Star of Wonder

The crescent moon lifts through a veil of thin ground fog racing higher hidden by ridge then up quickly through the sharp branches of bare trees into open sky, brilliance smeared in moist breath of hills. Waiting above in its own halo Venus, chrome-edged against a brittle sky of deep indigo. Two luminaries star-crossed, will meet Morning Star will come to rest in the cusp of a two-horned silver crescent lifting like a goblet to hold starlight.

I hope you saw this, this morning. It was worth a few minutes of cold. Bookmark Sky and Telescope, so you'll know what's happening in a sky near you!
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Awright! Another star gazer and early riser. I track the night sky year round, have done so since I was a child. Reassuring, it is.

I am waiting for February's full moon in early evening the 16th, it should be a spectacular moonrise. Film at 11, weather permitting.

Lived in the Southern Hemisphere for a while and the unfamiliar sky was most disconcerting.

I often wonder what Cook and his crew thought of the uncharted sky? Their voyage into uncharted seas was more heroic than our journey to the moon. The astronauts were in constant contact with their base, whereas Cook sailed into obvilion.


Posted by: feste at December 30, 2002 12:27 PM

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