December 30, 2002

Nursing Bra Bomber Stalks Airport

Well, I sort of came at this story backwards. Had I read it outright before learning of it at Silflay, I might have thought it was one of those 'urban legends' of beefed-up airport security gone overboard, ordinary citizens harrassed (well, not harrassed really...the airport security folks only exposed the man's way-pregnant wife in public view and groped her breasts...nothing really serious... then put the husband in handcuffs when he protested her treatment). You can read all the details.

Leave it to Bigwig of Silflay Hraka to stir up a hornets nest. He got a written reply, and sidekick Kehaar, in his role with a large local newspaper, actually got a phonecall from these Portland Airport 'officials'.

With all this, it doesn't seem that justice has been served by a long shot. Scary. Stay tuned. Wanna bet this is not the last we hear of this tale?

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