December 29, 2002

Mix and Match

There are SEVEN new residents on the Fragments blogroll! Can you match the names (last 7 listed, bottom of blogroll ~ right sidebar ~ added chronologically) with these brief clips or descriptions? How many can you guess just from the blog name or URL?

Go here for the words. Stay here, and come back often, for the web tips and tricks. And of course, the gallery.

Ask Dr. Stupid! Or solve the rebus. Written, easily and well, by 34 year old Massachusetts native who is "appallingly left-brained despite love of music, photography and sketching".

Chaz is home between road trips. Waxing eloquent about most anything that comes to mind. How can you go wrong with a Goldfinch for a mascot!?

Go where the weather is warm and there are Cloud Rorschachs, to visit a "A wry writerly blog named in honour of a minor character in a minor Shirley Temple film".

Find here links to stories about waterproof books, chickenpoop-powered vehicles, and medieval toilet systems. And the recipe for riskem.

Talk about a potpourri of this and that. You never know what to expect here. Recent quote: "I took anatomy and biology. I know the stuff of which the human body is made. Yet for all that i am an anomaly. At least twenty-five percent cotton. Honest. When i was 16, i was five foot four. Now that i'm dragging forty, i'm five foot two. If the cancer bug doesn't get me, i figure two more decades of rain showers and baths, i'll have a stature roughly equal to an oompa-loompa". And...she advises, "wherever you go today, be sure to take your clavicle!"

Read about children Freshpants and Petunia, and never hear "Walkin' in Memphis" the same way again after the new lyrics to "Shopping in Target". Visit the realm of a future futurist.

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