December 26, 2002


Over the river and through the woods.

More precisely, out of the Blue Ridge, down Fancy Gap, across the piedmont of NC to Old Fort, up Black Mountain and into the Valley of the French Broad river at Asheville, then down Big Balsam to the gateway to the Smokies. Ganny Annie and Dumpa Dumpy are going to the 'other grandparents' to see our visitors from Wyoming.

Just talk amongst yaselves while I'm gone.

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Have FUN! (I'd say 'be safe' but I'm superstitious, every time it's been said to me or mine, something not so nice has happen :) Instead, I'll say, "Can't wait to read the stories you'll tell, when you get back" :)

Posted by: witchy at December 26, 2002 08:36 AM

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