December 16, 2002

The Grinch's Xmas Tree

Update: Still waiting for the domain registration to go through.

Wishing and washing re chosing a host but actually talked to a human type person at FuturePrice and will probably belly up for a gig of space for $10/month.

I know this all just extra interesting, especially to those who have not blogged a mile in my shoes. (Oh, that sounds distasteful).

Meanwhile back at the ranch: I have failed in my prime directive for the day: obtaining the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that Ann marked way up on the ridge a few days ago. She marked it by (very loosely) tying a piece of orange surveyors tape to the 'perfect' one. Today the tape was lying in the path, and I chose the one closest at hand. I mean it's not worth agonizing over pitiful vs more pitifuller. So outside the door it sits. This year we have selected a misshapen Virginia Pine, free-range and fresh, and the price was right.

Lucky Ann. She gets to attend the Cursing of the Tree. Happens every year when the Grinch here attempts to pound the bottom of the lopsided tree into the ancient red and green Ring of Exasperation, part of the Tree Stand of Doom that is supposed to keep this bonzai-ed bargain from tipping over into the dining room table. At least this year, we won't be doing the two-trees-wired-together trick that has been employed in past years before moving to the Deformed Tree Farm here.

Today is the first time I ever fetched a Christmas tree alone. And, looks like it will be the first Christmas Day I have ever spent in the pleasure my own company. Ann is working, so that staff with kids at home can stay and enjoy the day. Well. What about THIS kid? Maybe I'll get some really neat underwear and socks to play with to keep me occupied. Or maybe some skates. Oooh. All-terraine skates. Up and down Goose Creek in my new underwear on knobby-wheeled skates!

I want my own blog back. I'm getting distracted over here at the Baileys, so many interesting things to see. Especially the candles. Ooooh! Smell this one!

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