December 16, 2002

New Meaning to BLOG BURST

Here are some snippets from my recent snippy response to the threat of being silenced. If you have concerns about this, you might want to communicate with your server to insist on advance warning so you get more than the two days I had. My former hostess replies to my responses....

"this kind of action of suspending MT accounts is unprecedented"

If you look on the MT forums you'll see that it isn't. MT is starting to
gain a reputation as a resource hog. There are plenty of messages on there
from people who have had their accounts suspended/cgi scripts disabled by
their hosts with no warning at all. Our server admin at least warned us
about the problem first.

"One person making a few posts a day is hardly going to bring the server
down, is it?

No it isn't - the problems are arising because there often several people
using MT at the same time. It's not just about posting, when anyone
comments on a blog it rebuilds the individual archive page. A comment being
posted uses up almost as much resource as an entry being posted.

It's easy to blame the "server trolls" but to be fair to them they are doing
their job properly and highlighting a problem that is affecting ALL the
users on the server. [...]

Posted by fred1st at December 16, 2002 07:53 AM
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