December 16, 2002

Open Blog, Insert Foot

A few weeks ago I was the target of the attention of Manager Mom, as we used to call her when other Indians were around here. Now, with just one Indian, the chief is Manager Wife. She undertakes various projects in which I 'volunteer' after being shoulded on and subjected to guilt grenades. This particular project that I SHOULD do was to sing a certain new favorite lullaby in church on SUnday, the 15th. I went so far as to get the lyrics and learn the few chords on the guitar, but then She ended up having to work the weekend of the service. She felt that she would be too tired to go on the Sunday night sevice after working all day, and so that, I thought, got me off the hook. WHEW! Close call! Wrong.

Thursday, I got a call from the minister. "Fred, I understand that you might be wanting to participate in the Sunday night service, have a song you want to sing".

"Uhoh. I guess Ann got to you" I accused.

"Well, no, my wife told me about it", he said.

Well, that was puzzling. I suppose Ann told Mrs. Minister about it when we saw them the other night. Oh dread. I guess I should agree to do it, since it is important to Ann. Hmmm. I thought she wasn't planning to go to the service anyway.

So, when Ann got home from work that evening, I told her the minister had called and I had agreed to sing. She was stunned. "How did he find out you were thinking about singing" she asked. Yeah Right. Of course I jeered at her for playing innocent. But she denied saying anything about it to anybody, honest!

And so it came to pass that I did yodel my way through the little song last night in front of a live audience. Afterward, the minister sought to clear my wife of any complicity in the crime. And it turns out, I have seen the enemy, and it is ME.

"Oh, Fred, I found out how my wife learned you might be willing to sing tonight. She read it on your weblog".

Moral: be sure your words will find you out.

Posted by fred1st at December 16, 2002 05:53 AM
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