December 14, 2002

Mile a Minute

Oh I can feel it. Disorder rules the morning, thoughts and intentions spreading out from the center, radiating like starbursts bouncing off each other in random patterns, fractals gone berserk. One distraction creates an eddy in brainspace, a vacuum sucking coherence from thought, and purpose wanders off to doodle with a stick in the snow. Focus is futile. Tis the season to be frantic, fra ra ra ra ra. No point in pointing anywhere with your words, miserable writer. You can't get there from here this morning. Ooooh you bad little fingers that you will not listen to the mad scientist back up at headquarters.

Maybe it is because my desk is a mess. An orderly space creates an orderly mind. Ergo... Let's see what we have here.

  • One pile of books including two ordered from Amazon as gifts; I am going to try to read them before giving them away. Is that wrong? Should I not do that? I promise not to make marginal notes or fold pages. And then there is the stack of library books checked out for the second time, once again not finished. And a stack of interesting magazines to glean for ideas; and a week old newspaper.
  • The bank account from last month that I have not reconciled yet has been mercifully buried so I don't see it glaring at me. Since I am not bringing in any income, I find that I dread and find reasons, excuses let's be honest, to put off fooling with things financial to which I am not contributing. We are maintaining the status quo, but I wish we could be working more to pay off the house. This may change soon, which brings up another desk cluster...
  • One folder containing various personal stuff, including the resume I have been working on this week. The old CV is undergoing it's umpteenth facelift and is starting to look like a certain grotesquely modified pop singer we all know. I need to give the thing an update, a nosejob, if you will, so it will look more like the real me. Hmmm. What shall we say about May 2002 to present: Compiled and propagated 463 observations and opinions on topics including arthropods, vegetables and meteorologic conditions. Strengths in magnifying and embellishing the trivial details of daily life from a place nobody ever heard of. Soon I may return to the 'real world' of work; or not. If I have learned nothing else it is to not count one's chickens. Still, a three day a week job may be forthcoming, and my desk will become even more rounded with 'stuff'.
  • And lastly: Spread, stacked and sprawling in different strata of the disorderly desktop are CD's in brightly colored cases. Most are blank, some completed but unprocessed, and a few decked out and ready for mailing. The First Goose Creek Christmas CD is finished! And a crude thing it is, too, commensurate with my ineptitude with my sound editing software and haphazard conditions under which it was 'produced'. Contents: just me reading about a dozen "fragments" and singing three songs. Oh yeah, and reading one Maurice Sendak story from my kids childhood. Pretty cheezy, but fun to do. Next year, I'll do better.

Meanwhile: Santa. I want a bigger desk for Christmas. And make it the self-cleaning kind.

Posted by fred1st at December 14, 2002 07:47 AM

Don't disturb the clutter.
If, after several months, it hasn't "hurt" to ignore it, throw it away.

Posted by: Charlie at December 14, 2002 09:52 AM

I hesitate to describe my computer area. RUN FAST, RUN FAR!

Posted by: Da Goddess at December 14, 2002 08:20 PM

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