December 13, 2002

The Last Straw!

Well, I have bitten the proverbial bullet (or was that bullet in Ecclesiastes?). I will soon 'own', registered at GoDaddy. When that becomes legal in a few days, I will sign up for the toddler-package of 50MB at

After that, I will have to figure out how to transfer the domain to the server. And then, how to transfer the weblog to the new server without killing it. Geesh, I dread messing with all those MT folders and junk. I'm considering asking Santa to send one of those pointy-earred gnomes of his to set all this up while I go dream of sugar plums. I been good, Santa! Really. It was on a Thursday, I think.

Maybe, oh maybe, this will be the Promised Land, with no more wandering around in a 40-acre field looking for Fragments final home. And don't change your bookmarks just yet. It may take me a week to figure all this out, and I will give you plenty of advance warning. I want to carry all of you along with me in the move, for moral support; and, I've sort of got used to having you around. Wouldn't want to lose any of you, and see your little picture posted on the back of a carton of milk, now would we?

Meanwhile, if I get booted unceremoniously off my current server over the weekend and feel the urgent need to post, blogger buddy Ron Bailey has graciously set up a space in a metal outbuilding behind his house where I can come post (figuratively speaking, okay? for all you literalists). Find me here, bundled against the cold, if the 'old' Fragments seems empty of new posts over the weekend. Thanks for the temporary digs, RB!

Posted by fred1st at December 13, 2002 10:07 AM

I did a server move with MT about a year ago. It was painless. Save everything maintaining folders, paths, etc. Upload to new server. Most of the FTP tools should automatically create the folders for you on the new serverwhen uploading. Get your permissions in order and it should work just fine.

Good luck!

Posted by: Chris at December 13, 2002 11:47 AM

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