December 10, 2002

Blogs Well Worth a Visit

Cody Clark is no stranger to the craft of word-smithing. If you like Fragments, take some time to get to know the Overflow here. But come back to Fragments. Promise?

A thoughtful post on "why write" from Curious Frog, a blog whose frog-trainer is a long time journalist and cat-fancier. Does the presence or absence of comments make or break your blogging will-to-write, and if so, why?

A screenplay writer in Australia is resurrecting her writing humours via her recently started blog named after an obscure Shirley Temple character. She writes in the third person about some of the neatest stuff! (And at times I am guilty of the most shameless self-promotion!) Boynton is a labrador puppy owner, hers is approaching a world record for longeivity.

Posted by fred1st at December 10, 2002 05:54 PM
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