December 10, 2002

Different Strokes for Various Folks

Well, how could I let this one from Sunday's Silflay slip past me? Bigwig examines the concept of tipping those who you read and who read your blog regularly, wondering how all of that might work. Susanna, Meryl, Michele, and others mentioned here... would 'pay' for what you do make you feel better or worse about your weblogging? Bigwig writes...

[...]I find that the more I try to quantify which bloggers I ought to be leaving tips for, the more bloggers make the list. Technically, to my way of thinking, I ought to tip not only every blogger that I read regularly, but also every blogger that regularly sends traffic our way. It feels like the neighborly thing to do. It's also impossible, unless I send only pennies. I've joined the nickel exchange in an attempt to do just that, but I haven't seen a lot of their banners on other sites.

Off the top of my head, this is the list of bloggers who I think I ought to be giving money to as well, if I'm going to give money to Andy in the first place.

InstaPundit, Daily Pundit, cut on the bias, Meryl Yourish, File13's Amish Tech Support, Little Green Footballs, A Small Victory, Silent Running, USS Clueless, ColdFury, Spleenville World Domination Headquarters, The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, On the Third Hand, WeckUpToThees!, Fragments from Floyd and Lileks.

Small bills, American, please. Or sourwood honey. And I'll give you back the jar when it's empty, for refills.

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