November 27, 2002

Maps, Part One

Would someone please recommend a STABLE operating system! I am feeling like a crash-test dummy with my current cohort of software crashing Win98 or one of its programs (usually the one in which I have entered data but not saved) at least two times daily.

I had intended just to say in my first daily post "Go look at these neat maps" but got loquatious and had a good half-page about the physical geography of Southwest Virginia. I printed it to proof-read (thank goodness) and the program crashed. Now, or eventually, to retype.

Links to the maps that illustrate the longer, future post, I will post here. If interested at all in the topic, come back later for the context. Liska, your place should be visible on the map, print it and put it on your wall as encouragement to hang in there a few more years before moving here to be our neighbor. Ron B, a few clicks on the map to move it northeast, should be able to find your place. Lisa, somewhere on these contours might be the home that is waiting for you. Kurt B, Susann, Meryl, you know a little more about the place and can testify to the fact that you can barely get here from there.

On the topographical map, our place appears in about the center where there are four red dots (I think indicating one of the low-water bridges). Nearby you see the word FORD; this is where we park our truck. No, seriously, our road ran IN the creekbed until 1971; you had to drive through the water fording the creek to get where you were going. Our valley runs north-south along what I call FerdNAnn's Creek. You can see how close the contour lines fall to each other indicating the steepness. Any roads necessarily followed the few creek-worn clefts from the relatively rolling land above, ultimately to markets in the valley to the north, as discussed in the longer upcoming post.

The aerial photo shows another version of the topographical, but it is often difficult to distinguish if a dark zone is a ridge or a valley. Our place is in the lower right corner of the enlarged image (go to the left margin of the map and change map size to medium, I think). This map also gives a good comparison in the upland plateau of Floyd County compared to the highly eroded ravines and steep valleys worn away by water and wind over the eons. Here again, it makes me think of the physical reasons early settlers to the area were attracted to some areas, and repulsed by others (like where we currently live).

So, before the next CPU disaster, share in my cartophilia that contributes some hard data to my curiosity about where I am in space. If you are not interested in maps, you should be, and I just might tell you why one of these days. Consider finding YOUR home (where you live now, where you came from, where you would LIKE to live one day) on the TopoZone or TerraServer maps. It just might give you a new perspective of your WHERE.

Posted by fred1st at November 27, 2002 09:10 AM

Cool maps! You know, I doubt I ever get over the thrill of seeing my name on somebody else's blog. Thanks!

Posted by: ron at November 27, 2002 11:25 AM

Once you go Mac, you'll never look back.


Oh, and your comment box never remembers me no matter how many times I check "remember info?".

Posted by: Pascale Soleil at November 27, 2002 12:35 PM

Believe or not, I already have the topo map and I do look at it often. Yo really are close to us, only a short hop and a skip. My brother swears by XP and my son is a MAC person. Maybe you need more RAM, it solved a lot of my problems. Within the next year if you come by the place you will see our new barn going up with an apartment in it. That will have to do for a few years... until then I have the map and pictures to remind me of what I am missing.

Posted by: Liska at November 27, 2002 02:23 PM

XP is only slightly buggy, at least for me. But Windows 2000 has been quite stable, I've not HAD to reboot in four months, sometimes my PC is on for weeks at a time. WIN98 is the LEAST reliable operating system out there (except for win3.1 and win95, of course). Try Windows 2000.

Mac Addicts will yell at you to get a mac, don't listen to them. Beware the "dark side!" ;-)

Posted by: Dave W. at November 27, 2002 03:55 PM

I'd go for Win 2000 first (got it at work, only crashed by the abysmally written custom software some idiot inflicted on the company), then a Mac running OS 10.2. No way will a WinXP machine darken my doors.

Posted by: Alison at November 28, 2002 11:32 PM

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